"I have been seeing Amelia Kinney for Reflexology for over 5 years. After a session with Amelia, my body, mind and spirit feel more at ease. Her work has a way of easing my anxiety, even during the extra challenging moments of my life. In addition, . Amelia has a special gift of connecting her clients to the right person in the medical community. After years of struggling with chronic knee pain, and going to over a dozen specialists, Amelia referred me to a PT who radically changed the course of my recovery for the better. Amelia is also gifted in knowing how to care for feet and coaches her clients in stretching, shoes or other types of care. .. I highly recommend Amelia work, she is a true healer and medical intuitive."  C. Major


"Testimonial to Amelia"

"During the last 10 years of Lyme disease and severe pronation (flat feet) I have searched for someone who could somehow relieve and open the feet at a deep level for healing to occur. Then I met Amelia.

After only one session, I know Amelia is an answer to my prayers. Her penetrating and powerful touch was like an angelic visitation to my sorry feet. She wields an uncommon mastery that is almost startling the moment she begins the treatment. My feet, my entire being, relaxed into the sublime knowing and feeling that I am in “good hands,” that all is well…and getting better.

I experienced a “decompression” in my feet and ankles, a floating kind of feeling, a lightness of being, woven together with a trust and surrender to the command of a true healer.

The opening I seek is happening at long last. Combined with the Wisdom Healing Qigong (zhineng) that I practice, my condition is rapidly transforming as space is created for the Source Energy within to circulate and heal. I have great hope. The chronic pain is subsiding. Thank you. Thank you, Amelia. I’ll surely return."

--Zayne Marston


"That was literally one of the best bodywork sessions I've ever had.  Thank you so much!  You have healing hands: there's no question about it."  --Neil Taylor, The Blind Masseur, Brattleboro Vermont


   "Amelia has provided me with healing and relaxation through my reflexology sessions. I have multiple myeloma or bone marrow cancer. One of the drugs I take for chemotherapy maintenance following my stem cell transplant causes neuropathy in my feet. As I enter Favour Your Feet I am greeted by Amelia with soft music sounds and pleasant scents, all setting the stage for my energy healing session. I had no idea the importance of reflexology and the care of one's feet which promotes one's health and general well-being. As a cancer patient this is critical. My neuropathy pain has lessoned because of these sessions. Through Amelia's foot massage I am completely relaxed throughout the body, leaving each session as if I had had a full-body massage. I am grateful to Amelia and for her integrative healing which is not only physical but mental and spiritual.  Her touch and words are a gift."

--Elizabeth Israel, Brattleboro Vermont


  "A reflexology session with Amelia is a treat for body, mind and soul. Amelia utilizes scents, sounds and crystals to create a healing atmosphere in which to do her work. She is very sensitive to the needs of her clients and tailors each session to meet each person's needs. Whether looking to remedy a foot condition or just to promote overall health and wellbeing, a session at Favour Your Feet will leave your body feeling deeply relaxed and your feet will be rejoicing." 
  - Justin Garner,
Sweet Flag Medicinals Herb Clinic & Apothecary,
Brattleboro, Vermont

  "Amelia was born to do this work! She has a natural feel and intuition for working with the feet that surpasses all the massage therapists I've ever known. Each time I drive away I feel as if I've had a full body massage! As an energy healer and yoga teacher I know the importance of the feet and the role they play in our health. I will be recommending Amelia to ALL my students and clients who need this kind of work done."
  --Lisa Gardner Moon,
     Yoga Teacher & Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

 "Amelia is an excellent Foot Reflexologist. I continue to appreciate her in-depth knowledge of the feet, her impeccable attention to my overall well-being and the careful, kind, nurturing attention she provides my feet and therefore my whole being. I love the colorful, relaxing peaceful and educational environment she creates within which you softly melt away all your stress. Gratitude always as I go lightly dancing out the door!"
  -- Kaiilama Morris,
    Certified Breath Practitioner

 "I just love my reflexology sessions with Amelia! She is very knowledgeable and makes it a fun learning experience on top of giving your feet Royal Treatment! The session will start with a warm foot bath, then Amelia is going to find every sore point in your feet, applying the right amount of pressure and then 'the dessert'- the heavenly oil rub!!! My feet thank me every time I go see Amelia."
  --Olga P.

"I've had the complete pleasure and amazing healing benefit of Amelia's magic hands with Reflexology. I have severe chronic low back pain from an old toboggan injury. Today I saw her after suffering for 3 weeks with steady low back pain due to my own fault of reaching and lifting at the same time. Because my back is so fragile, I blew it out once again. I had a session today with Amelia and can joyfully announce I have no back pain this evening! None! nada! Where did it go? I have no idea, I don't care, I'm just so glad it's gone!
Amelia's combined, depth of knowledge with reflexology, expertise, calm & therapeutic environment and gentle approach are all factors that make her amazing at what she does. If you haven't yet had the opportunity to experience the gifted talents of this amazing lady, you better get your appointment!
Thank you so much Amelia." --Ruth

"You're a miracle worker!"  --Bettie



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